Dodging bicycles with riders, guys walking motorbikes, and pedestrians with Rodger Mallison

Rodger, who shoots for the local daily, the Star-Telegram, had accompanied our Fort Worth Diocese group to Honduras, where our local diocesan church was investing heavily in mission work and building houses, old age homes, and more. We stood on the one-foot path wide suspension bridge in bathed in that heavenly light that comes at sundown, then grabbed our cameras.


Late afternoon light,

golden and idyllic, falls

on suspension bridge.


Narrow board-planked bridge

crosses the Juticalpa

where it brings to mind


works of Western art

photographer friend and I

each now recognize.


We grab cameras

and capture scene that Bierstadt

would have rendered in oils.


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  1. Glad it created a clear image! Hope you and Bill are well.

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